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we change

Fashion is tomorrow, a dream in threads today.

And we weave well. Our faculty for imagination and ideation is at work, inspired by the ways of nature. As nature has a canvas for every season, we have a design for every idea. We change an idea into an icon that marks something very remarkable to be experienced. We venture to make brands look “wow!” for obvious reasons.

We’re Parivartan. When your looks are transformed by our hands, we shall have done more than a facelift.

Never doubt. Change is what we dare to bring it to. We define change.

The Parivartan logo; Icon of dynamism
The green leaf is the company’s logo. The company has always exhibited the freshness in creation, signified by the color green. Like the leaf that lives through its cycle of ages of transformation, Parivartan believes in dynamism and has creatively adapted itself to imbibe a variety of emotional and ideological conditions it has had the opportunity to deal with.

We, Parivartan

Parivartan started in 2002, helmed by Anand Pohankar. It began as a design hub that primarily dealt in website designing and branding solutions. Today it undertakes projects in diverse areas viz. total branding solutions (concept, logos, stationery, marketing), website designing, web applications, ecommerce and marketing solutions.

Parivartan is about change; every time having a fresh look at things. Concept, approach and quality rules the work culture at Parivartan. Parivartan has been going strong with a commendable list of clients having a great impression about the company. The company has successfully completed over 2500 projects till date. These projects cater to clients that includes hotels/restaurants, educational institutions, industries, Govt. agencies, artists, studios, IT companies and builders.

The company has already taken a step forward in developing web applications, premiering it with EZ Invoice, the online billing application. it is looking ahead to grow in a much more exciting future.

Andy the Ringmaster

This man did it all, right from beginning the design house to driving it through the years with sheer passion and mindfulness for over 14 years. He has materialized his own passion for creativity into a successful venture, with zeal and dynamism. He’s as good a boss as a worker himself. His skills at team building and living up to expectations and deadlines keep Parivartan a step ahead in the race.

Jagruti the Hunter

She’s an enforcer, especially the driving force behind prestigious Parivartan projects like Own A Masterpiece. She’s sharp at work and insisting on results. All that force of determination falls light on the team, thanks to her impressive countenance and simplicity.

Rajanarayanan the
Stilt Walker
Creative Head

Raj may not be the greatest mystery around but writes some serious sky-high stuff when let loose. He’s at the job by pure passion and skill in imagination, writing and ideation. It’s hard to imagine where he picks an idea up from. He’s also a bread fanatic. You won’t bump into him too often as he’s a little nerdy for that. Meet him at his desk.

Chaitanya the Lion Tamer
Project Manager

This lively Project Manager is also very endearing. You shouldn’t miss his smile and wits and should learn from the dedication and enthusiasm he shows in rolling out projects on time, everytime. We all believe no database is too big for him to manage. It’s a pleasure to have a team leader like him to work with.

Pradeep the Tightrope walker
Team Lead

A resounding “Yes boss” is an assuring voice from this enterprising young guy. He handles the web designing team, plays the peppy numbers to pump the room up (enjoys it himself) and is cool and casual for the longest time you see him.



# 10-2-289/120/6, I Floor,
Lane Adjacent to Hockey Ground,
P.S. Nagar, Shanti Nagar,
Masab Tank, Hyderabad - 500057,
Telangana, India.

+91 40 6678 7704